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by Registered Agent Office Inc.


Several businesses are on the Internet offering South Carolina registered agent service. From the most massive of the disinterested and overpriced to the smallest, amateur local rookies, you have a wide range of options when it comes to designating your South Carolina resident agent. We’re not too big and we’re not too small. Our goal is to help you decide on the registered agent that is just the right fit for your South Carolina business entity.

Sum it up for me, who can perform the duties of a registered agent?

Your South Carolina registered agent needs to be a company or person who is a lawful citizen of South Carolina. They ought to be present to receive service of process during normal business hours. Registered agents in South Carolina must furnish a lawful, physical address within South Carolina.

How does my business benefit from having a registered agent?

Businesses in South Carolina benefit in several ways by designating a registered agent. Obviously, choosing a registered agent keeps your business in compliance with state law. Having as your registered agent, as soon as you get any service of process, legal notice, letter or annual report notice – we accept those in your place. Momentarily, we’re uploading your files into your customer account. You’ll get an instant notification of any files we scan into your registered agent account. Additionally, we also monitor your South Carolina filing due dates and email you reminders with how-to links so you can send in your paperwork before it’s due with the South Carolina Secretary of State.

What happens if I don’t have or fail to maintain a registered agent in South Carolina for my business?

Yes, there can be repercussions for failing to maintain your South Carolina registered agent. Penalty fees may or may not be assessed. The South Carolina Secretary of State may revoke your LLC or corporate legal status if you fail to maintain your registered agent in South Carolina.