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by Registered Agent Office Inc.


We provide registered office addresses and registered agent service in all 50 States for a flat fee of $125 a year, or down to $100 a year if you need multiple state registrations. We serve as a registered office provider for corporations, LLCs, or any business entity.

You may be registering with a Secretary of State or Corporation Commission and have just found out that you need a real physical location in the State to complete the registration. Or, you may have just found out that you need to list a personal name or professional Registered Agent company that is available at your registered agent office address during normal business hours every day. We provide this service for you under our own legal name in every state.

When you sign up online, you’ll have the forms and filing instructions you need immediately.

As your registered agent, we track your annual report dates, and send you timely reminders.

If you’re in multiple states, you can see all of them in your online account, and always add states that you need a registered office for, as you need them, immediately online.

Any items we receive at our local registered office address is scanned and uploaded into your online account immediately for your viewing.

We don’t have forwarding fees when we receive a service of process as your registered agent.

If you’d rather someone else handle your business filings, we can do that, too. Once you’ve signed up, you can choose from a variety of filing services, including our Trade Name service. If you’d like to register a DBA or trade name with the state, but don’t want to have take the time to submit the filing yourself, we’ll do it for you for just $125 plus the state’s filing fee. Our Beneficial Ownership Information report filing is just $9.

In addition to filing services, we also offer the tools you need to get establish your business presence online and keep your business and personal communications separate. With us, you can get a domain name, website, SSL certificate, and email address that matches your domain nameā€”and you’ll own your domain name and all your website data. To keep your personal phone number private, you can use our business phone service, which gives you dedicated business line with your state area code. You can add these services to our registered agent service for no additional upfront costs and cancel at any time.

Our registered office addresses are real locations. Not post office drops or shady residences. You can trust Registered Agent Services, Inc. as your registered agent. We take the duty of providing you a registered agent office address very seriously.

If you’d like to know more about registered office and registered agent service in your state, just click on the link to your home state below.

We may not be a huge company, but of the couple of companies that provide national registered office address service, and we feel confident that we provide more included services and a price that can’t be beat.

If you have any questions, please give us a call or email. You can sign up for immediate service through our online SIGNUP form and you’ll be on your way immediately.

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