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by Registered Agent Office Inc.


Lots of businesses are on the web providing Oregon registered agent service. From the most massive of the impersonal and overpriced to the littlest, inexperienced local beginners, you have a wide range of options when it comes to picking your Oregon resident agent. We’re not too big and we’re not too small. Our desire is to help you decide on the registered agent that is optimal for your Oregon company.

What are the restrictions or requirements I should know about my registered agent?

There are only a few restrictions regarding who can act as your registered agent in Oregon. In particular, the entity or person acting as your registered agent needs to be available and located at an official street address within Oregon during regular business hours. Your Registered Agent will be responsible to receive all legal and tax-related documents, annual report forms, litigation (service of process) documents, etc., for you. It is crucial that you choose a reputable company, like when you’re choosing your registered agent.

How can having a resident agent aid my company?

First and foremost, having a registered agent keeps your business in adherence of state law. In addition, we accept delivery of and scan any legal notice, service of process, annual report, or letter received into your online account locally here in Oregon. You receive instant notice of any paperwork scanned into your Oregon resident agent customer account.

As an additional service, we also track your State annual report due date and send you reminders with how-to links to file your paperwork in a timely manner with the Oregon Secretary of State.

What happens if I fail to maintain or don’t have a registered agent in Oregon for my company?

Yes, there can be consequences for not maintaining your registered agent in Oregon. Penalties may or may not be assessed. The Oregon Secretary of State may revoke your LLC or corporate legal status if you fail to maintain your Oregon registered agent.